Dr Aroosa Haroon:

Dr Aroosa Haroon is an (MD., C.C.F.P) who is currently working at Venice Medical and Walk in Clinic. She possesses strong communicational skills and doesn’t take long to diagnose the ailment bothering her patients. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Gynaecology and is currently practicing in the field of Family Medicine in the Province of Ontario.

She has developed strong ties in the community and is ready to serve the community to the best of her abilities.


Dr Anum Haroon :


Dr Anum Haroon is a Graduate of University of Toronto where she completed her Bachelors of Honours in Health Sciences and went on to complete her MD Degree Program from University of Alberta. She underwent vigorous training at Sunnybrook Hospital and currently she practices part-time at  Venice Medical and Walk in Clinic as a Family Physician.



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