Services Not Covered by OHIP


There are many services which are not covered by OHIP they are refered to as “non-insured or uninsured services”. The patient pays for all uninsured services. As per CPSO: “Physicians are entitled to charge patients for uninsured services, which take physician time and resources. To make it more economical and/or convenient for those patients who may use many uninsured services, physicians may offer patients a Block Fee.”


Venice Medical and Walk in Clinic offers many services that are not covered by OHIP. Sometimes it may be in best interest of the patient to consider paying Block fee that helps them obtain the services at a discounted price. Please consult our receptionist to discuss the pricing of uninsured services offered by our clinic.


  • Office visits with no valid OHIP card
  • Work/School/Medical Forms
  • APS Forms (Attending Physician Statement)
  • Daycare-medical clearance to return/note
  • Driver’s Med Exam (Physical + 1 form, MOT, FLRC80/Forms)
  • Federal Disability Tax Credit (Revenue Canada)
  • Fitness Certification/Club Form
  • Insurance Medical Exam (Physical + 1 form)
  • Lawyer’s Letters
  • Legal Letters
  • Massage/Physio/Orthotics Note
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Forms
  • Other Insurance Forms
  • Pre-Adoption forms
  • Pre-Employment Certificate or Employment Physical
  • Private Insurance/Sickness/Disability
  • School/Camp Physical Forms
  • Sick Note/Back-to-Work Note
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance Form
  • Skin Tags
  • Medical Aesthetics Procedures (Botox, Dermafillers, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peels, Laser and IPL)
  • Skin Care Treatments
  • Sclerotherapy (varicose and spider veins removal)
Please Consult with us for more details


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