All injections needed for travel (HEP A, HEP B, Twinrix), other HPV/Gardasil, Menactra, Zostavax/Shingles, Thyphrix, Avaxim),  TB Testing (Mantoux).

Get your Flu Shot Vaccination?

Every Winter almost one quarter of the Canadian are infected with influenza (FLU) virus. Venice Medical and Walk in Clinic offers immunization to its patients anytime during clinic hours. Appointments are recommended but are not required! Patients are encouraged to get immunized annually. Annual immunization provides safe and effective prevention. Almost anyone can benefit from an annual FLU shot. October and early November are the best times to get your FLU shot.

Almost anyone can improve their chances of having a flu free winter by getting vaccinated (please check to see which people below shouldn’t be immunized). However, some individuals are ‘high risk’ when faced with the possibility of serious or even fatal consequences due to this annual epidemic.

Individuals who should not get immunized:
  • Children under 6 months old.
  • Individuals with allergies such as eggs (check with your doctor before obtaining immunization)
Please discuss any other questions or concerns before proceeding.


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